Real Life: Using Body Parts as Verbs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The government recently had to ..... itself with new weaponry because of the impending attack.
  • 2
    I hate when my son ..... me off. I really don't like it when children talk back to their parents and my son is no exception.
  • 3
    We are just going to have to ..... the problem. We can find a solution if we all work together.
  • 4
    I can't ..... all of the responsibility because I am not solely to blame. I was just one part of the problem. The whole team knew about the mishap.
  • 5
    When my three-year-old son is trying to whisper, he doesn't make a sound. Instead, he ..... all of the words to me. He's so cute!
  • 6
    You have to ..... this decision. You're the chairman of the board and we need your support.
  • 7
    I can't ..... all of the gory details. Please leave out all of the gruesome parts and get to the point.
  • 8
    I want him to ..... the bill. It was his idea to meet here and he was the one who invited us to this overpriced restaurant. He should have to pay for the entire meal himself.
  • 9
    I want Mr. Smith to ..... the team. He has been here the longest and knows our competitors well.
  • 10
    I need you to ..... the car into the driveway so that we can load the trunk with all of this stuff.

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