Real Life: Using Body Parts as Verbs (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    He was really aggressive the other night. He just pushed and ..... his way through the large crowd until he reached the front of the stage. I was kind of embarrassed to be with him.
  • 2
    I want to go to the drive-in movie theater with you so we can hold each other and ..... some more. I am really into you and I love kissing you.
  • 3
    The captain said we have to ..... the bomb because the enemy already started firing at us.
  • 4
    He ..... off at school again and now he is in detention. He really has to learn to be polite when dealing with his teachers.
  • 5
    He is only a 11-years-old and he is going to have to ..... the facts about that. He can't make those kinds of decisions on his own. He can when he turns 18 but, for now, I will make all of the decisions regarding his education.
  • 6
    Please ..... me that piece of paper over there. I need to get a phone number off of it.
  • 7
    I have to ..... it to him. He did a really good job on the project this time.
  • 8
    The store manager suspiciously ..... the man with the long, black coat because she thought he was going to steal something from the store.
  • 9
    The victim easily ..... the mugger when she saw him in the police line-up.
  • 10
    The detective had been gathering evidence on the crime lord for years. Now, he finally had enough evidence to ..... the criminal for good.

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