Real Life: Using Body Parts as Verbs (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    We don't have much time left. We really have to ..... down a decision soon.
  • 2
    The thief, who was on the run, forcefully ..... his way through the innocent bystanders standing in front of him and the train that was about to leave.
  • 3
    It was a tight fit but I managed to ..... the front end of my car into the last, tiny parking spot available in the busy mall parking lot yesterday.
  • 4
    When Karen was eighteen, she ..... a ride to California. She used to take a lot of chances but, now, she is pretty conservative.
  • 5
    My father loves to read the newspaper every morning. Every day, as he sips his morning coffee, he slowly ..... through each page of the paper.
  • 6
    He tried to strong ..... us but it didn't work. His bully tactics don't work on me because I learned how to stand up to people like that a long time ago.
  • 7
    We had a long piece of wood that had to be put into the trash can so my husband ..... the center of it until it broke in half.
  • 8
    "You soldiers better ..... that line right now," yelled the sergeant. He wanted everyone to line up, perfectly, at the morning formation.
  • 9
    The little girl was so cute when she ..... that pretty flower. Children are fun to watch as they use so many of their senses, including touch and smell, to figure things out.
  • 10
    He stealthily and skillfully ..... the CD without anyone noticing what he'd done. He is a real thief and is going to get into big trouble one day.

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