Retirement and Pensions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The relationship between worker pensions and retirement is of ..... interest to management and economists.

  • 2

    The reduction in retirement age since World War II is usually ..... to greater pension benefits, both governmental and private.

  • 3

    The anticipated difficulties in financing current public pensions could be ..... by changes that delayed worker retirement.

  • 4

    Private pensions ..... a large percentage of individual wealth in most of the developed nations.

  • 5

    As a worker ages, both his productivity and the ..... of working another wage period will change.

  • 6

    In a perfect labor market, employers, who always pay workers the value of their ..... at any one time, will be indifferent to the age of retirement.

  • 7

    The most obvious reason for the existence of pensions is the tax advantage, since pension ..... are permitted to accumulate untaxed until retirement.

  • 8

    Both employers and employees benefit from a payment ..... where workers receive less than the actual value of their work when they are young and more than the actual value of their work when old.

  • 9

    This system reduces worker incentives for ..... and cheating and thereby raises their lifetime wealth.

  • 10

    General economic conditions also help determine actual retirement age: higher inflation and greater unemployment at the end of his career causes the worker to ..... his retirement.

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