Retirement Plans

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    When Dad turned 50 we gave him a(n) .....-the-hill party.
  • 2
    Young workers should begin ..... now in preparation for retirement.
  • 3
    ....., we have more than enough volunteers for the job.
  • 4
    He threw away the yogurt because it was ..... of date.
  • 5
    Talk to your insurance agency about the ..... your plan provides.
  • 6
    Consumers are constantly ..... with pleas to buy products that they 'can't live without'.
  • 7
    She is very ..... in everything she does.
  • 8
    Gas prices are at an all-time ......
  • 9
    Analysts said the acquisition would ..... earnings.
  • 10
    Fire code regulations ..... that fire extinguishers be placed strategically throughout the building.

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