Reverse Marketing

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Fast technological developments, growing globalisation of markets and higher customer requirements have resulted in ..... competition in many consumer and industrial markets.

  • 2

    Emergent global markets are populated by ..... companies that try to position themselves as local firms by emphasizing local content.

  • 3

    In this continuously changing world, the importance of price is being reduced and quality becomes a significant means of ..... sustainable competitive advantage.

  • 4

    Leenders and Blenkhorn (1988) introduced the term 'reverse marketing' for an aggressive kind of purchasing that they had ..... in the U.S. and Japan.

  • 5

    Reverse marketing describes how Purchasing actively identifies potential suppliers and offers ..... partners a proposal for long term collaboration.

  • 6

    Successful reverse marketing requires a ..... effort.

  • 7

    The upgraded demands and reduced supplier roster lead to the substition of traditional ..... relationships by close and long term partnerships, characterized by mutual trust and interdependence and mutual benefits.

  • 8

    The current development of the purchasing function shows ..... similarities to the development of the marketing concept.

  • 9

    This conceptual ..... between purchasing and marketing can also be found within individual firms.

  • 10

    Purchasing and marketing are basically comparable activities directed at facilitating exchange transactions and relationships with external parties; accordingly, the purchaser's and marketer's tools and methods are more similar than might be expected at first ......

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