Rogue Traders

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In ..... of the colossal loss at Society General caused by a rogue trader, banks are examining their control systems in an effort to prevent similar future disasters.

  • 2

    Banks will certainly start reviewing their internal controls to determine what they have set up to ..... events like the SocGen loss.

  • 3

    Society General tells us that it has already put in place further controls in order to prevent a recurrence of this particular type of ......

  • 4

    Banking institutions will likely be ..... on more bandages and plasters in order to keep their processes functioning.

  • 5

    Such efforts will probably prevent a precise ..... of the Society General disaster, but it will not likely hinder a similar activity from being executed in a different way.

  • 6

    The Francona loss was also the result of an over-..... trader's effort at cleverness.

  • 7

    The solution put forward to prevent such a recurrence was separation of duties to prevent both back and front office controls from ..... by the same individual.

  • 8

    Changes in approach and across cultures is required by financial institution control management; visibility across ..... information technology systems and across myriads of geographically diffuse employee activities is needed.

  • 9

    Possibly, the staff were attempting to manage their assignents beyond their capacity, like a freighter loaded so heavily that it sinks below its ..... line.

  • 10

    Increased understanding by everyone who is involved of ..... operational processes is most important.

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