Routing Orders

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    To attract brokers' orders, some exchanges pay a broker for routing orders through them; this is called 'payment for order .....', and is one of the ways in which a broker can make money from executing a trade.

  • 2

    At the end of March, before Tanaka Inc closes its books, all transactions recorded in the Books of ..... Entry (that is, the Sales Day book and the Cash book) are added up and then posted to the General Ledger via journal entries in the General Journals.

  • 3

    Hedge funds generally use ..... brokers for borrowing money, executing trades and other services, while larger funds use multiple brokers.

  • 4

    Arizona resident Bernard Jones filed a .....-action lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the iPhone maker violated Arizona's antitrust laws; the suit was filed by Shyster C. Deadlock, the lawyer who has been seeking plaintiffs for this case, on behalf of Jones.

  • 5

    When ..... securities are acquired, the holder must find an exemption from the Securities and Exchange Commission's registration requirements in order to sell them in the marketplace; Rule 144 permits public resale only if certain conditions are met.

  • 6

    An important part of ..... agreement is the description of the information; the disclosing party is often reluctant to describe this in detail in the contract, fearing that some may be revealed in the contract itself.

  • 7

    The size of the savings deposit required for a ..... credit card can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand; the line of credit is a percentage of the deposit, and application and processing fees may also have to be paid.

  • 8

    Purchasing an index ..... combines the benefits of an index put and an index call purchase, and leveraged potential profits can be considerable if there is a big up or down movement of the underlying index.

  • 9

    The ..... wage base is the total for which the company must pay taxes on behalf of every employee; excess wages are also reported, but they are subtracted from the employee's total wages.

  • 10

    A ..... Participation Program is an investment venture which is designed to pass income and tax losses of the underlying investments through to investors; however, its use as a tax shelter has been egregiously lessened by tax legislation.

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