Save money now

Every sentence contains an error. Please find it and type the corrected version into the box below each sentence.
  • 1

    He is very careful with his money and spares at least a quarter of his pay every month.

  • 2

    In the moment I am working hard to pass my examinations.

  • 3

    The news today are always full of stories about people who are unhappy.

  • 4

    She gave me some very good advise when she told me to buy that car.

  • 5

    He saw that it was a very good chance and decided to accept the new job.

  • 6

    The police in that country does not carry guns when they are in the street.

  • 7

    When you have finished eating in the restaurant, you ask the waiter for the account.

  • 8

    I just don't understand it and I admire why she did it.

  • 9

    I read today in my newspaper the topical words that the President spoke at the meeting.

  • 10

    The picture on the television is not at all clear because something needs to be adapted.

Author: Alan Townend