Save Our Animals (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    What her mother and father ..... to most was the endless tittle tattle (gossip) in the village about a young woman working for this hot shot (well known entrepreneur),

  • 2

    who was also ..... by some as a bit of a wheeler dealer (someone who does business in an underhand way).

  • 3

    Cathy didn't believe any of this and was delighted to be working for Geoffrey Winton if for no other ..... than that living at home was very humdrum (boring).

  • 4

    The rest of the organisation thought that she and Winton were a dream team (ideal partners) because she was enthusiastic and he was very ......

  • 5

    After all she thought her brother was enjoying himself and had gone ..... to work in America as a result of the brain drain (talented people leaving their own country to work for better pay in another).

  • 6

    One morning there was quite a hubbub (loud noise and activity) in the Fortune ..... when Cathy came rushing into the sitting room helter skelter (running at great speed),

  • 7

    and announced what she thought was a cheerful earful (a good piece of news) and that was she had been invited to attend a ..... in the capital.

  • 8

    As far as her father was concerned this was ..... double trouble (two problems) - first working for Fortune and now getting involved in a demonstration.

  • 9

    As far as he was concerned this would be a ..... of time because the speakers at the rally would just talk mumbo jumbo (nonsense).

  • 10

    But Cathy had made up her ..... and the next morning wham bam (very quickly) she caught the early train and went off to the rally.

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