Scandinavian Capital Market

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In many ways, wider Europe is ..... in the Nordic region, which is characterized by similarities in language, law and history but has different cultures and currencies.

  • 2

    The Nordics wanted to create a single regional capital market, but some of its exchanges and post-trading infrastructure providers remained ..... independent or joined forces with partners outside the region.

  • 3

    In today's globalized age, issuers and investors both want and need deep, liquid markets operating at the lowest possible cost in the most risk-..... and efficient fashion.

  • 4

    Sharing access, expertise, operability, and international mergers and alliances are all becoming realities, but in any kind of innovative cooperation, there are ..... to be glitches in delivering tangible benefits.

  • 5

    For instance, in Sweden last year, there were ..... to the reputation of the Stockholm Exchange when it took a hammering for technical problems that closed it for most of the business day.

  • 6

    However, such cases are really only minor ..... in what is proving already to be a fruitful combination.

  • 7

    The decision to sell NCSD, which ..... the central security depositories for Sweden and Finland, is a fine opportunity for participants in these two markets to reach more foreign trading parties and lower international transaction expenses.

  • 8

    Without such ..... of market practices and consolidation of infrastructure, financial professionals can expect only greater complexities and costs in the future as globalization continues.

  • 9

    And during ..... times, cost containment becomes ever more relevant, as we have all come to learn.

  • 10

    Euroclear has been contributing to process standardization in EU capital markets, and it is also working on ..... the multiple-transaction processing platforms which it runs onto one single platform.

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