Science and marketing (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Gitte Meyer of the Copenhagen Business School notes that during the past decades, swarms of scientists from a wide range of fields have migrated from their ..... and descended onto the marketplace, adapting themselves to marketing practices in the process.

  • 2

    With surprising ease, science journalism seems to be adapting too; penduling comfortably between old-fashioned enlightenment, aimed at promoting science as a ....., and PR exercises, aimed at selling science on behalf of private interests.

  • 3

    This development provides ..... for thought in more than one sense.

  • 4

    In one respect, it prompts a critical question regarding conventional science journalism, marked by a lack of distinction ..... science popularization: does this kind of science writing in fact differ significantly from marketing practices?

  • 5

    At first ..... at least, there does not appear to be a big difference - if any at all - between promoting and selling.

  • 6

    Moreover, it prompts ..... on what kind of practices journalists, who are committed to enlightenment ideals about the rule of reason - ambiguous as those ideals are - should pursue in modern societies in order to keep the ideals alive.

  • 7

    Should they ..... to conventions and simply continue to promote or to sell science?

  • 8

    Or should they acknowledge that to promote what is seen, navely perhaps, but nevertheless as a general benefit, is a far ..... from selling the same thing, in much the same way, on behalf of vested interests?

  • 9

    The fundamental convention of science journalism is the convention of science transmission; that is, the ..... that journalists should relate to science by way of transporting scientific facts from scientists to a lay public for consumption.

  • 10

    The convention also contains the ..... that journalists should not interfere in any way with the scientific facts.

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