Secretarial Office Procedures

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Modern technology continues to proliferate in offices everywhere, and the secretary's role has greatly ......

  • 2

    Operational restructuring and automated procedures have presented secretaries with a broad range of new responsibilities formerly ..... for managerial levels.

  • 3

    Nevertheless, amid these changes their ..... duties have remained almost unchanged.

  • 4

    A secretary is responsible for a range of administrative and ..... duties that are essential to the efficient operation of a business.

  • 5

    A secretary serves as an information ..... for an office, organizes and maintains hard copy and electronic files, and generates correspondence.

  • 6

    Many secretaries also ..... travel arrangements and contact clients.

  • 7

    A large part of a secretary's day is involved with negotiating meeting times, which is a(n) ..... job, especially if many are to attend.

  • 8

    Today, more and more secretarial staff use PCs to run database management, ..... publishing, and computer graphics software.

  • 9

    Secretaries nowadays are often ..... from old-fashioned typing and dictation; therefore, they can now support more than one executive staff member.

  • 10

    ..... secretaries are responsible for fewer clerical duties than lower-level secretarial staff.

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