Selling to Businesses

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The amount of purchasing undertaken in the business market easily ..... the total spending by consumers; because the business market is so large it draws the interest of millions of companies that market exclusively to business customers.

  • 2

    In certain business markets purchase decisions ..... on the outcome of a bidding process between competitors offering similar products and services.

  • 3

    In these cases the decision to buy is often ..... down to one concern who has the lowest price.

  • 4

    Consumer and business markets differ in that business markets are more likely to be price than brand-......

  • 5

    The demand by businesses for products and services is affected by consumer purchases; this is called ..... demand.

  • 6

    Because so many organizations may have a part in creating consumer purchases, a small ..... in consumer demand can create big changes in business purchasing.

  • 7

    The search for alternatives is a significant difference between consumer and business purchasing; while a consumer will probably not search hard to save two cents a gallon on gas, a company that has a large ..... of cars or trucks certainly will.

  • 8

    In more advanced purchase situations, members of the Buying Center may evaluate each option using a checklist of features sought by the buyer, and each feature is assigned a ..... that corresponds to its importance to the purchase decision.

  • 9

    If the product is ..... received, it may end up moving to a straight re-purchase status, thus eliminating much of the evaluation process on future purchases.

  • 10

    Business purchase decisions can ..... for an extensive period; unlike consumer markets where impulse purchasing is rampant, the number of people involved in business purchase decisions results in decisions taking weeks, months or years.

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