Simple Present (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Andrew Smodley is a natural worrier. It is something he has ..... from his father - the king of all worriers.

  • 2

    But then there are those who are never happy unless they have a problem to ......

  • 3

    Andrew worried about the weather, the state of the pound, his health, the cost of ..... and once he even worried because he thought he wasn't worrying enough.

  • 4

    But that was in the past. Things have changed because something happened to him exactly two years ......

  • 5

    It was in the spring when leaves appear on trees and nature prepares herself for renewal. Other things happen too - people ..... in love.

  • 6

    Now Andrew doesn't have a romantic ...... He never looks up at the leaves starting to grow, sighs and says: "Ah, here comes the spring!"

  • 7

    He simply thinks to himself: "I live in a small village by a little stream and ..... this time of year lots of creatures start to wake up and make a lot of noise."

  • 8

    "In London, which ..... on the river Thames, people make a lot of noise all the time."

  • 9

    I apologise for the simplicity of these ..... but I want to illustrate the unimaginative nature which Andrew possesses.

  • 10

    Towards the end of this story I give examples to show the extent of the change he ......

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