Simple Present (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The other ..... in this anecdote is a young woman called Sally Fairweather.

  • 2

    She too lives in this ..... and remote village where Andrew has his cottage.

  • 3

    Now Sally is an entirely different kettle of fish. Her philosophy runs as follows: "Worrying never gets you anywhere and life is too short to ..... time imagining the worst."

  • 4

    In a word she is the complete ..... in temperament of Andrew. Here comes another cliche: opposites attract.

  • 5

    But you must remember that two years ago the two main characters hadn't met, which was surprising when you consider the close ..... of Andrew's cottage and Sally's.

  • 6

    If you take the first left after the post office, you come to Sally's place and if you take the second ..... to the right after that you come to the cottage where Andrew lives.

  • 7

    The next participant in this village drama is the weather, which ..... a very significant part in English life.

  • 8

    It was late April and the sun had disappeared behind dark heavy rain clouds but Andrew had already set ..... for the local pub.

  • 9

    Naturally he had his umbrella with him and a heavy coat ..... that aphorism his mother always used: "Never cast a clout (remove an article of clothing) before May is out."

  • 10

    Fortunately he made it to the pub before the storm ......

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