Simple Present (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The moment he crossed the doorstep, an old school friend comes up to Andrew, ..... to buy him a drink and tells him not to look so worried.

  • 2

    Andrew showed him the headlines: "Petrol prices rise again" - "But you haven't got a car" said his friend - "I know" retorted Andrew - "still it means everything ..... will go up in price, too."

  • 3

    Everyone in the pub looks ..... depressed at this remark and begins to think of all the price increases that will follow.

  • 4

    The ..... is palpable. Then suddenly the door bursts open and in walks our heroine, Sally looking like a drowned rat.

  • 5

    Most people in the pub think to themselves: "What a pretty girl" Andrew sees her as someone who is ..... and needs help.

  • 6

    He walks over to her and asks if she is ..... right.

  • 7

    For probably the first time in his life Andrew actually ..... his worry from himself to someone else.

  • 8

    And he mixes her a ..... drink to protect her from a possible cold.

  • 9

    The conversation went as follows: "I hear you live in this village, too" - "How do you .....?" asked Andrew.

  • 10

    But Sally changed the subject. "This drink tastes delicious. How did you make it?" - "I put a drop of ginger ale and a piece of lemon in the alcohol and then ..... thoroughly."

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