Sleep Expressions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Mr. Wally's class was so monotonous today I couldn't help ..... a few times.

  • 2

    Cold medicines usually make me feel ...... I feel like I don't have energy to do anything.

  • 3

    Janine! Where were you? I've been looking all over for you. - Sorry, Mom! I was reading a book by the tree over at the lake, fell ..... and lost track of the time.

  • 4

    In winter time, bears hide themselves in caves and ......

  • 5

    What time do you usually go to ..... at night? - Hmm... usually at about midnight.

  • 6

    I feel so ..... today. I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

  • 7

    My neighbor likes ..... every day after lunch.

  • 8

    My daughter is having a ..... party tonight at our house.

  • 9

    Every time he gets back from work, my husband likes to sit in his armchair and ..... for a few minutes before dinnertime.

  • 10

    Caitlin was an extremely hyper kid. When taking care of her, her mom hardly ever had time to ......

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