Sleep well (2)

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  • 1

    Then her manager moved her to the bedding department and the site of all those beds made her feel sleepier still.

  • 2

    One afternoon after she had come back from lunch, she could not restrain it any longer.

  • 3

    It had been raining very hardly and as a result there weren't many people about.

  • 4

    Unfortunately she fell asleep on one of the beds and the manager shaking her violently through the shoulder, told her she was fired.

  • 5

    For what seemed ages she read through the situations empty in her local newspaper for a new job.

  • 6

    After two weeks she saw an advertisement that appealed to her and she wrote her letter of appliance.

  • 7

    She included details of her previous engagement
    and posted it with her fingers firmly crossed.

  • 8

    This obviously worked because she was very fortuitous and the interview went very well.

  • 9

    The boss of the factory liked her and offered her the job straightforward.

  • 10

    You see the job suited her down to the floor. The factory manufactured beds and they needed a new tester.

Author: Alan Townend