Small-business salaries

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Mary Crane at says, "Which way is the economy going? - if executive salaries at smaller companies are any ....., the answer is sideways at best."

  • 2

    According to a new small-business compensation survey released today by, ..... base salaries for most executives at small firms increased this year over last.

  • 3

    The average paycheck for marketing managers rose 4.7% to $136,100; head ..... counters got a 3% bump, up to $155,000; and plant managers took home $80,000, or 1.8% more.

  • 4

    The annual survey ..... 11 job functions (not including 'owner') at more than 1,800 organizations, both privately and publicly held, employing one to 500 employees.

  • 5

    Ken Kerr, chief executive and financial officer of Kettley Publishing, a small consumer-education company ..... in Newport Beach, Calif., has filled out the survey for the past two years.

  • 6

    He says the survey results ..... with what he's seen in the California small-business community and in his own 30-person firm.

  • 7

    "In this region, we're seeing the economy coming back strong; the tide raises all ..... - small businesses have really felt the impact of that," he says.

  • 8

    Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist for the National Federation of Independent Business is optimistic, too; he says the labor market is the ..... it's been in thirty years, sans the dot-com years.

  • 9

    The bad news: while salaries have been on the rise, ..... too has inflation.

  • 10

    For the trailing 12 months ended in August, the Consumer Price Index ticked up nearly 4% - ..... salary gains in real-dollar terms.

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