Small Businesses

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    T. Fuller states that, historically, all business operated at a small scale and were centred on the individual ......

  • 2

    Even now there are strong cultural ..... to individual enterprise.

  • 3

    Over the centuries, business has emerged, legitimised by reflexive social ..... of entrepreneurship and fuelled by regulated international free trade, competition, property rights and usury.

  • 4

    In this ....., small businesses are increasingly important but relatively powerless.

  • 5

    The overall thesis is that small businesses, once ....., have been systematically othered, then homogenised.

  • 6

    The article traces a brief history of small business from post-medieval times, through the Industrial Revolution to the ..... day.

  • 7

    In doing so, it ..... a number of principles upon which small business in the UK is founded, and illustrates how corporatism has emerged as these principles evolved.

  • 8

    Small business is ..... as being in a weak position relative to corporate business but co-dependent upon it.

  • 9

    The link between the entrepreneurial individuals and innovation is discussed, outlining a view that entrepreneurs may best be ..... by corporate ecologies.

  • 10

    The future trajectory of small business in the UK and Europe is by ..... certain.

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