Story (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    One morning an old lady turned ..... at the dining room and sat down.
  • 2
    She sniffed at the air full of breakfast smells, got up, turned ..... and walked out again.
  • 3
    Apparently she had completely forgotten that she'd already eaten breakfast that day. I turned ..... to hide my smile.
  • 4
    Unfortunately Doris caught me at it. 'Don't you turn your nose ..... at the old dears', she rebuked me.
  • 5
    'You'll be like that one day' she continued, Just you wait'. I turned ..... to apologize.
  • 6
    Sadly Doris had already turned her back ..... me and gone back to the kitchen.
  • 7
    She rather turned ..... me after that.
  • 8
    These days I wish I could turn the clock ..... and tell Doris how right she was!
  • 9
    You see I've just turned all the lights ..... ready for the night.
  • 10
    I'm now ready to turn ..... for the night but the worrying thing is I just can't remember what I had for supper.

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