Super Supermarkets

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    If you ask someone for their ..... on supermarkets as opposed to the small corner shop, you will get varying replies.

  • 2

    The first question you have to ask is who are the customers that they are each trying to ......

  • 3

    When you tell the inhabitants of a small village that the little local store is going to close, many will express ......

  • 4

    There will naturally be ..... in the various sections of the community as to the benefits or disadvantages of losing the little store.

  • 5

    Of course we all get ..... with endless leaflets through the door telling us of bargains at the local supermarket.

  • 6

    Big discussions take place in the area as to whether a supermarket will come to the area and waiting for the outcome can be quite ..... for the small shop owner.

  • 7

    Inquiries are held which seem to go on forever and you only wish that the procedure could be ......

  • 8

    Protest meetings are held but invariably they end in a ..... because they are not organized properly.

  • 9

    Then the final result is announced that there is to be a ..... between EASISHOP and GOSHOP, which will then become a super supermarket.

  • 10

    The confused customer is now in a terrible ..... because in the old days there was just one brand of butter to buy and now there is a choice of 24.

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