Supply Chain Reengineering

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A supply chain can be defined as a network of autonomous or semiautonomous business entities ..... responsible for procurement, manufacturing and distribution activities associated with one or more families of related products.

  • 2

    Different entities in a supply chain operate subject ..... different sets of constraints and objectives.

  • 3

    However, these entities are highly interdependent when it comes to improving performance of the supply chain in terms of objectives such as on-time delivery, quality ....., and cost minimization.

  • 4

    As a result, performance of any entity in a supply chain depends on the performance of others, and their ..... and ability to coordinate activities within the supply chain.

  • 5

    A global economy and increase in customer expectations regarding cost and service have influenced manufacturers to ..... to improve processes within their supply chains, often referred to as supply chain reengineering (Swaminathan, 1996).

  • 6

    Supply chain reengineering efforts have the potential to impact performance in a big ......

  • 7

    Often they are undertaken with only a ..... view of the future, and it is essential to perform a detailed risk analysis before adopting a new process.

  • 8

    In addition, many times these reengineering efforts are made under politically and emotionally ..... circumstances.

  • 9

    As a result, decision support tools that can analyze various alternatives can be very useful in ..... quantifying gains and helping the organization make the right decision (Feigin, An, Connors, & Crawford, 1996).

  • 10

    Benchmarking solutions provide insights into current trends but are not prescriptive; this leaves simulation as the only ..... platform for detailed analysis for alternative solutions.

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