Synonyms for adapt 1

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    This book is very difficult for children aged ten, so I'm afraid you will have to ..... it.
  • 2
    This machinery needs to be ..... before putting it into operation.
  • 3
    Students usually find it very easy to ..... to college life.
  • 4
    I will have to find a way to ..... myself to the new requirements.
  • 5
    The picture on the television is not very clear; probably something needs to be ......
  • 6
    It's been months since he moved to the North, but he can't ..... himself yet.
  • 7
    This plan of yours really ..... me!
  • 8
    We are happy to inform you that you are the candidate who best ..... our qualifications.
  • 9
    I admit it's been a hard thing to do, but I finally ..... my way of thinking with yours.
  • 10
    I like those shoes very much; I wish they ..... me.

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