Synonyms for beat

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Jacob called the police and the emergency, because his neighbour ..... his wife black and blue.

  • 2

    Mr Willow is the eldest in the family but no one ever listens to him. Every time he wants to get attention, he has to ..... the table a heavy blow.

  • 3

    After trying hard for a long time, the soldier finally managed to ..... the target.

  • 4

    She heard his feet ..... on the thick carpet upstairs.

  • 5

    If I see him, I swear I will ..... him for what he has done.

  • 6

    The fast wind was ..... the window-pane and that sound was driving her crazy.

  • 7

    Mary is a very calm and patient mother but lately she often ..... her naughty son.

  • 8

    Joan heard the clock ..... midnight and realized that she had forgotten about their appointment.

  • 9

    The naughty boy ..... the hedge to frighten the horses.

  • 10

    The woman was standing on a rock, desperately looking at the waves ..... the shore.

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