Synonyms for robber and burglar

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    All vehicles driving through this wild godforsaken region have been attacked by ......

  • 2

    I am a little afraid to go on a honeymoon holiday in this mountain because the area is notorious for the ..... who attack and rob people.

  • 3

    If I were you I wouldn't buy this old house because it's not safe against ...... Anyone could easily break through these old wooden doors.

  • 4

    How could you possibly think of moving to live in this neighbourhood! It's full of ..... and too dangerous for the children to play outside.

  • 5

    This deserted ship was used by ..... many years ago. They stored here the goods they had taken illegally from one country to another.

  • 6

    Even nowadays ..... are still ranging the oceans and no one can feel safe against them.

  • 7

    This is private property and we are not supposed to go beyond this point because they will prosecute us as ......

  • 8

    This is a new store and there are cameras all over the place to watch for ......

  • 9

    She is thinking of blocking up the bedroom window because ..... have got into the house through it a couple of times so far.

  • 10

    The accountant of the bank turned out to be one of the masked ..... who rushed armed into the building and took all the money from the safe.

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