Synonyms for see and watch

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The tourists stood there ..... at the lovely scenery. One could see the admiration in their eyes.

  • 2

    Some animals and birds find no difficulty moving at night as they have the ability to ..... in the dark.

  • 3

    As Kathryn was in a hurry and so hungry she simply ..... at the menu and ordered a sandwich and some salad.

  • 4

    They decided to spend a romantic night sleeping on the beach and ..... at the stars.

  • 5

    As Jeremy had never been in a city like New York before, he just stood in front of the tall skyscrapers with his mouth open and ..... at them.

  • 6

    When Julia saw her husband with another woman, she was so shocked that she could do nothing but ..... at him in disbelief.

  • 7

    This man was their only hope and when he let them down they all ..... at him in alarm.

  • 8

    Brian had a feeling that the black Ford had been following him. He ..... in the rearview mirror to see if the car was still behind him.

  • 9

    The kids were told off many times for ..... through the keyhole while their parents were having an argument in the bedroom.

  • 10

    He ..... at his wife when she actually dared to oppose him.

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