Synonyms for stagger and walk

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    He was sad at the sight of the old woman ..... down to the store every morning.

  • 2

    My head ..... at the thought of jumping out of an airplane.

  • 3

    The sailor came out of the pub so drunk that he ..... all the way to the ship.

  • 4

    All of a sudden the teacher felt dizzy, ..... for a second, and fell down.

  • 5

    The footballer twisted his ankle and ..... to the bench to take a seat.

  • 6

    The lights went out, and Jane ..... about the room looking for a candle to light.

  • 7

    The heavily loaded wagon ..... along the old cobbled road.

  • 8

    The little boy ..... and almost fell down while chasing the ball, but he regained his balance.

  • 9

    They were experiencing the first storm since the voyage started. The wind was so furious that the ship ..... and people started falling off the deck into the open sea.

  • 10

    Although this antique clock hasn't been working for ages now, it looks to me like its big hand is ..... from time to time.

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