Tax Planning

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Whether planning for retirement, making an effort to reduce income taxes or maximizing current income, there are many excellent tax-deferred or tax-deductible investment options to consider; in fact, there are many tax-..... accounts from which your investment representative can choose, based on your goals.

  • 2

    Making a payment with a check and then changing your mind can be an expensive proposition: putting a stop-payment ..... on that check will cost anywhere from $18 to $32 at the 10 largest banks surveyed by

  • 3

    In the case of ..... liquidation by companies themselves, the companies are solvent and are terminated (and consequently liquidated prior to their dissolution) due to the companies wanting to discontinue operations, for whatever reason.

  • 4

    Issues involving salvage value and useful life continued to arise, so Congress enacted IRC 168 in 1981; the ..... Cost Recovery System was intended to provide a less complicated method for computing depreciation by eliminating salvage value and specifying recovery periods for various asset classes.

  • 5

    For sophisticated investors, our firm, also registered as a ..... Trading Advisor (CTA), offers a wide variety of investment and trading solutions to suit various portfolios and investment strategies in asset management using commodities, futures and options.

  • 6

    NetBank, the online bank with $2.5 billion in assets, has been shut down after investments in risky mortgages defaulted at an alarming rate; customers with $100,000 or less with the bank will be made whole by ..... insurance, and those with more will become creditors in the bank's receivership.

  • 7

    The Power Authority has begun marketing its tax-free bonds for a $7 billion takeover of LILCO; the investors who stand to gain the most are New York and Puerto Rico residents, for whom the bonds are exempt from local, state and Federal income taxes - ..... exemption for New York City residents.

  • 8

    Most investors are familiar with ..... I quotes; these quotes are the ones we're all comfortable with - Bid, Ask, Last trade, Volume, and so on.

  • 9

    ..... Oscillator is a momentum indicator developed by George Lane that measures the price of a security relative to the high/low range over a set period of time; the indicator oscillates between 0 and 100, with readings below 20 considered oversold and readings above 80 considered overbought.

  • 10

    After 36 years in the investing business, Roger King has settled on several ways to root out stock bargains, but his favorite among them is to find stocks selling for less than what a buyer of the whole company might pay, the so-called ..... market value approach.

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