Teaching your Wife to Drive

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Teaching someone to drive is one of the ..... experiences you can have.

  • 2

    You sit in the passenger seat and ..... your learner to do what you would normally do.

  • 3

    The problem is that if your learner doesn't understand, you can both end up in the ......

  • 4

    The situation is more ..... if the learner is a member of your family.

  • 5

    If this relative is also your wife, then things become even more disastrous because it could end in ......

  • 6

    The secret of being a good driving teacher is never on any occasion to lose your temper or your ......

  • 7

    If you do lose one of them or both, your learner will lose confidence and also lose ..... of the car.

  • 8

    In my ..... none of this happened - all I did was shout and scream, which made me feel better.

  • 9

    I am proud to say that I taught my wife and my two sons and they all ..... first time.

  • 10

    The only ..... to me is as they were successful on the first attempt, how come some years before it had taken me four tries!

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