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    When you tell a phone number from outside a town you usually have to dial an area or city code before the actual number.

  • 2

    The area code for London for example is 207 if you call for within the UK.

  • 3

    If you call from another country you must to put that country's code in before the city code.

  • 4

    Companies usually have ISDN connections so their telephone number can have much extensions.

  • 5

    Each extension is assigned to one person in the organisation which make it possible to call that person direct.

  • 6

    As you know, we are now leaving in a fast moving world — that of telecommunications.

  • 7

    Almost everybody today has their own mobiles phone or 'cell phone' as people in North America call it.

  • 8

    In Germany those phones are called 'Handy' and many German in fact think that this is the English word for 'mobile phone'.

  • 9

    Soon will come a time when you want be able to do a lot of different things with your mobile phone.

  • 10

    Today you can already make phone calls, take photographs, send text messages and download music file.

Author: Alan Townend