Tests, Quizzes, and Self-evaluation

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Feared by learners, discounted by educational ....., short-changed by instructional designers, tests are, nevertheless, an essential element of learning.

  • 2

    We may call them quizzes, drills, examinations, assessments, competence monitors, or demonstrations of mastery; we may ..... them as games or puzzles; yet, they remain an essential ingredient for gauging a learner's progress.

  • 3

    In a study of 400 vocational-technical learners in Pennsylvania, Internet-conducted tests showed no differences in scores, redesign needed, or any ..... due to gender, economic disadvantage or educational disability, relative to the same test on paper.

  • 4

    William Horton Consulting advises that costs for ..... a 100-question paper test to Internet delivery are about $1500 to $2500 USD.

  • 5

    Costs for ..... and scoring the test are $2 USD per test-taker.

  • 6

    One good reason for testing is to let learners ..... progress toward their goals.

  • 7

    One bad reason for testing is to fulfill ..... and expectations: it's a course; therefore, it must have tests.

  • 8

    After a high-level analysis of why you are testing and what you hope to measure, you can make ..... decisions on what kind of test to use.

  • 9

    Some of these decisions will require balancing your ..... objectives against the stark limitations of your authoring tools and the reality of your budget and schedule.

  • 10

    When teaching adults, my preference is to not record scores unless required to certify performance of learners; in general, treating adult learners as responsible, ..... beings yields better results.

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