Thank you letter

Every sentence contains an error. Please find it and type the corrected version into the box below each sentence.
  • 1

    Thank you very much for reminding me on my birthday again after all these years.

  • 2

    You are really a very kind uncle and I must say it was one of the best presence I have received this year.

  • 3

    The parcel was so grand that it wouldn't go through my letter box.

  • 4

    The postman had to knock a few times because I was quickly asleep at that time in the morning.

  • 5

    In the end I rushed downstairs just before the postman was on the point to going and opened the door.

  • 6

    He had to walk back up the garden path in order to hand it for me.

  • 7

    To tell you the truth I think he was a bit annoying because as you know my path is quite long.

  • 8

    It looked a difficult parcel to overdo quickly and so I thought I would open it when I came back from work.

  • 9

    All day I was wandering what could possibly be inside all that wrapping paper.

  • 10

    Thank you once again for sending it to me. I am most gracious. I just have one question: Can you tell me what it is?

Author: Alan Townend