The Ants and the Grasshopper

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    One winter's day when the sun was shining you could hear the ..... of great activity.
  • 2
    What you could hear was the ants who were ..... drying grain.
  • 3
    Sensibly as all ants do, they had ..... the grain during the summer.
  • 4
    Their plan was to eat this ..... during the winter.
  • 5
    They were so ..... in their work that they didn't notice a grasshopper.
  • 6
    The grasshopper was so weak he was practically ..... because he hadn't eaten for ages.
  • 7
    He saw the ants and ..... them with all the strength he could find to let him have a little food.
  • 8
    The ants shook their heads at him and asked him why he hadn't ..... up food in the summer.
  • 9
    The poor grasshopper ..... he had spent the whole summer enjoying himself singing and dancing.
  • 10
    All the ants laughed and said in that case he would have to dance ..... to bed in the winter.

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