The Best of Both Worlds

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Through investment in both fixed-return investments and shares, ..... fund seeks to get the best of both worlds; it is the best bet for investors who wish to profit from the stock market but lack the stomach for volatility.

  • 2

    An important prerequisite of the perfect ..... is that the portfolio movements are precisely correlated with the movements of the index that underlies it.

  • 3

    CB&Q Railway Corporation announced a new $3.1 billion capital ..... program; it anticipates investing some $500 million in facilities and track to expand capacity for customers in agricultural products and coal.

  • 4

    This chart displays the cross rates of ten major world currencies; scan down or across it to find the rate of ..... between any two of these currencies.

  • 5

    We must note that the state owns stock in 52 corporations with a market value of $150 million which are not on the ..... list; these securities were added to its portfolio through spin-offs or mergers of previously owned corporations on the list.

  • 6

    A ..... bond pays its holder a specified amount at specified dates until maturity; then its face value is paid at the maturity date.

  • 7

    In the case of a ..... stock that has an unsuspected earnings potential and a low P/E multiple, its price will probably rise much faster than its profits when investors discover its new horizons, and their purchases will force up the P/E.

  • 8

    A debit ..... is created when the options investor buys a put or call and at the same time sells a further out-of-the-money put or call; this limits the dollar risk and the reward relative to the traditional option purchase.

  • 9

    The trust's activities are confined to issuance of the trust ..... securities to investors and to retain the debentures which are purchased from the holding company.

  • 10

    Your Keogh plan must be opened by 1 February 2009 to make a contribution for 2008, and contributions must be submitted by 1 March 2009; however, you can extend the ..... date to 1 June 2009 if you file for an extension.

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