The Farmer and his Sons

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A farmer had two sons both of whom were not very ..... and avoided work if they could.
  • 2
    One day the father knew that he was dying and called his two sons to his bed ......
  • 3
    He wanted his sons to pay as much ..... to the cultivation of the farm as he had done many years.
  • 4
    He told them that there was a ..... treasure in the land and they would have to look for it when he had gone.
  • 5
    He told them that they would find it in one of his 3 vine ..... but he didn't tell them which one it was.
  • 6
    The sons assured their father that they would work hard to ..... out the treasure.
  • 7
    As soon as their father had died and been ....., the sons took out all their farming tools and started to dig the land.
  • 8
    They worked really hard and dug every single ..... metre of their father's land.
  • 9
    However long they dug and however hard they worked, they ..... to find the smallest bit of treasure.
  • 10
    Clearly their father had been a wise man because all the work the sons had done on the land ensured that they had the best ..... for years.

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