Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The consensus view at the start of the quarter was that the U.S. economy would slow and the FRB would ease interest rates, but this view shifted gradually toward a neutral Fed ....., and in fact the FRB made no move to increase or decrease rates in the period.

  • 2

    "It would be good to have a steady stream of income of three quarters of what I made when I was working," says William Gentry, associate professor of economics at Williams College, "but ..... is not the only way to have a financially secure retirement without a company pension or some other type of defined-benefit plan."

  • 3

    The development and introduction of Long-term Equity ..... Securities by CBOE in 1990 added a whole new range of options possibilities, many suited for conservative stock investors; Index LEAPS let you trade, hedge or invest in the 'entire' stock market or select industry sectors for a time that can be measured in years.

  • 4

    Note, however, that the ..... Volume Index is not a contrarian indicator: even though the PVI is supposed to show what the not-so-smart-money is doing, it still trends in the same direction as prices.

  • 5

    Federal ..... loans, first disbursed July 1, 2006, are fixed-rate, low interest loans available to undergraduate students attending accredited schools at least half time; they are the most common source of college loan funds.

  • 6

    The .....-test ratio measures the ability of a company to use its near cash to immediately extinguish its current liabilities; this ratio indicates a firm's capacity to maintain operations as usual with current cash or near cash reserves in bad periods.

  • 7

    Under the ..... withholding rules, the business or bank must withhold on a payment if you have given the payer an incorrect or no taxpayer ID number, or if the IRS has notified the payer to start withholding on interest and dividends because you had not reported all of your interest or dividend income in prior years.

  • 8

    ABX Air, Inc. acknowledged the receipt of an unsolicited ..... of interest from ASTAR Air Cargo Holdings, LLC to acquire all of the outstanding shares of ABX Air for $7.75 per share in cash; no formal offer has yet been made.

  • 9

    During this time, Mizuho Sec. placed a ..... order for the sell order, but because a system irregularity existed that became apparent during such extraordinary circumstances, the order was not processed, and executions continued to be sequentially completed without interruption.

  • 10

    A payment-.....-kind security is a bond which pays interest in the form of additional bonds, or preferred stock which pays dividends in the form of additional preferred stock.

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