The History of Coffee

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    According to coffee historians, its origin can be traced to an Arabian shepherd, Kaldi who found his goats jumping ..... around a dark green shrub covered with red cherries.
  • 2
    Kaldi bravely sampled some of the bitter fruit himself and within minutes discovered a peculiar ..... effect; he seemed to have more energy to walk up and down the hills tending the goats.
  • 3
    Later, the news of his discovery traveled to monks at a local monastery, who used it to stay awake during the long hours of prayer. Visiting monks ..... the coffee beans to other monasteries.
  • 4
    Botanical experts believe this story to be just a fable, ..... its origin to have begun on the plateaus of central Ethiopia in the 6th century.
  • 5
    Coffee bushes or trees seem to produce the best beans when grown in a tropical environment, ..... in a soil rich in nutrients of calcium, nitrogen and magnesium.
  • 6
    The woody perennial is actually more of a tree than a plant, growing to 10 meters or more if not pruned. The vertical roots are often "trained" to grow horizontally and ..... more water to the beans.
  • 7
    Although there are numerous varieties of coffee, two main species are ....., based on taste preferences.
  • 8
    Arabica coffee is preferred by 80% of the world's producers, while only 20 % prefer the Robusta coffee beans. Although, the Robusta has a more ..... flavor, it also has higher caffeine content.
  • 9
    Approximately three to four years after the coffee is planted, small flowers grow in clusters, eventually becoming the cherries or beans. It will be another thirty-five weeks before the cherry will change from green to red, signaling that it is ready to ......
  • 10
    Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries; the flavor varies because of the particular soil characteristics. From Hawaii's rich volcanic soil, Mexico's mountainous region, Puerto Rico's acidic soil, or the slightly sweet soil of Columbia, a coffee has been ..... to suit everyone's taste.

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