The Hospitality Industry

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    According to Michael Stoler, an influx of capital into the New York real estate market is ..... the hotel market.

  • 2

    "The availability of funds both on the debt and equity sides from the ..... of lending institutions and opportunity funds for hotel projects in the Big Apple is plentiful," the principal of Eastern Consolidated, Alan Miller, said.

  • 3

    Numerous groups are seeking to be part of the tremendous wave of hospitality demand we are experiencing, from the construction of ground-..... hotels or the conversion of existing buildings to the repositioning of certain hotel assets.

  • 4

    The market is ..... in capital chasing hotels.

  • 5

    With the strong need for more rooms in Manhattan, ..... with the fact that there are no longer any undesirable' neighborhoods, the entire island south of 125th Street from river to river represents a good hotel site.

  • 6

    Highgate Holdings is planning to convert the Chinatown Holiday Inn at 138 Lafayette St. into a ..... hotel.

  • 7

    "The ..... of hotels is probably at an all-time high, which might lead to increased competitiveness and price wars," Mr. Hennessey said.

  • 8

    It will likely hurt those hotels that have benefited from the ..... of Manhattan's demand.

  • 9

    The greater risk is that the city's economy ....., and what many of the newly minted hoteliers don't realize is that a small drop in revenue can cause a huge drop in profitability.

  • 10

    When the slowdown eventually comes, a reverse ..... effect is expected whereby the properties living off of the Manhattan-displaced demand, particularly those without adjacent commercial development, will feel the downturn first.

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