The interview

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    Q. Thank you for your application. I would like you to answer a few questions about you so that we can find out if you are right for the job.

  • 2

    A. I shall do the best I can but I don't know weather I can say any more than what I have already put on the form, you see.

  • 3

    Q. Well I don't think you need to worry on that because there are always things that people don't write on their application forms.

  • 4

    A. Well I would say that I haven't got nothing more to say except of course that I do need the money and that's it.

  • 5

    Q. All right we'll come to the matter of money in a minute but first I can say we are very expressed by the number of posts you have held.

  • 6

    A. Yes, I have done a lot of jobs when you come to think about it and in all sorts of places, hear and there you might say.

  • 7

    Q. Now a question about the sort of person you really are, particularly when it comes to children. Do you have a lot of patients?

  • 8

    A. Oh yes, well you have to, don't you? Take me for example, I've got ten children and so you have to keep your eyes on them, won't you?

  • 9

    Q. Well of course the classes here usually have about thirty children on average. How do you manage as a teacher looking about that number?

  • 10

    A. Excuse me I'm not a teacher. I think you must have the false application form. I came here for the job of school cleaner.

Author: Alan Townend