The LS9203 Omni-Directional Presentation Scanner

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    With stiff competition and commodity price constraints, service is your greatest .....: that means fast checkout and stocking what your customers want.
  • 2
    Your instincts are good, but it's still a guessing ..... to match your inventory with customers' preferences, because you have no way to precisely track what they're buying.
  • 3
    Retailers with stores of all sizes are overcoming these challenges by transforming their business processes, abandoning paper-based sales and inventory tracking for electronic data ..... systems.
  • 4
    While mobile technologies offer new ways to effectively manage inventory and ..... retail operations, complex and expensive systems may not fit the needs of your organization.
  • 5
    Instead, you need a tool that's affordable, reliable, integrates into your .....-of-sale (POS) environment easily and can be used without extensive training.
  • 6
    Symbol's easy-to-use LS9203 omni-directional scanner speeds checkout and improves sales and inventory management in retail operations where ..... space is limited.
  • 7
    Designed to work as both a presentation and handheld scanner, the LS9203 enables your employees to scan bar codes hands-....., as well as bring the scanner to the merchandise to quickly scan several items at once and avoid lifting heavy products.
  • 8
    With automated scanning, you eliminate pricing errors caused by manual input mistakes, reduce profit-eroding shrinkage and discourage '.....' by requiring a manager's approval before offering special deals for friends and relatives.
  • 9
    With increased ..... into what your customers are buying, you encourage repeat business by providing the products your customers want, when they want them.
  • 10
    And the LS9203's small ..... leaves you enough space to set up product displays at the checkout counter, so your customers are able to easily pick up last-minute items.

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