The Months of the Year

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    In this session of our audio programme we are going talk about the words used in English for the months of the year.

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    As you know, there are twelve month this year just as there are in any year.

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    Let's start with the first month of the year. It is called January. Next comes February, which is follow by March.

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    After March come April, May and June. The eighth month is August, which is followed by September, October and November. The least month of the year is December.

  • 5

    As you can see, most of the English words for months are similar to the Latin words. Now, can you say which month your birthday is of?

  • 6

    My birthday is in November but the month I like well, my favourite month, is May when spring changes into summer.

  • 7

    January is usually a very cold month with plenty of rains and sometimes snow. February is the shortest month — usually containing only 28 days.

  • 8

    Spring starts in March. April the first is known as All Fools' Day where people play practical jokes on each other. In May I'm usually very busy in my garden.

  • 9

    June, July and August are typical summer months with many long, sunny days. September is the start of autumn or the fall as people in North America says. October is a very colourful month because of the different colours on the trees.

  • 10

    In November the Christmas season begins and many people start doing her Christmas shopping. In the last month of the year — December — many people are usually very busy with various Christmas activities such as baking cakes and choosing Christmas gifts.