The Risks of Technology

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Technology has given us constant, real-time access to vast amounts of data; it has ..... the capital markets to extraordinary heights (and depths) and made ordinary products, such as phones, cameras, televisions and computers, do extraordinary things.

  • 2

    Yet, warns Bruce Lynn of The Financial Executives Consulting Group, there is a darker, riskier side to technology: did it contribute to the dotcom .....?

  • 3

    And what about its role in the ongoing ..... of the mortgage-backed securities markets now (2007) affecting the US, Germany and France?

  • 4

    Treasury professionals spend many hours making cash, debt or investing decisions by setting various control limits and using the latest ..... of portfolio management.

  • 5

    It is possible that treasury's ability to perform these tasks in the future is being ..... by the very tool being used to reach those decisions, namely technology.

  • 6

    Does the use of more technology '..... boxes' simply shift risk from one area (market or credit risk) to another (operations) because some systems do not play well with others or because IT resources to fix these issues become available only after a problem is discovered?

  • 7

    Are the tools we use (i.e. technology) really to blame or does the fault lie with the tool's operator because what is being produced does not address the issue ..... hand?

  • 8

    The various systems vendors would have you believe that more technology is better; every treasurer is promised that s/he will be able to call up large amounts of data from the company's servers or data warehouses, analyse it, and then distribute reports via email around the world before anyone's ..... becomes cold.

  • 9

    What appears to be forgotten in the pursuit of technology is the issue of the '..... link': not all systems will be up to date all of the time, they speak different 'languages', and they may be missing data and/or contain errors.

  • 10

    In this age of web-based, real-time information, the combination of new systems with old can create unacceptable levels of operating risk, especially for senior managers responsible for certifying that their company has well-established financial controls, that they have examined them and that they ......

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