The Two Dogs

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A man had two dogs: a hound ..... to help him with his sports and another to guard the house.
  • 2
    Whenever the hunter came home, he always gave the house dog a large ..... of what he caught.
  • 3
    The hound dog was very ..... about this.
  • 4
    He told the house dog he found it very ..... having to do all the hard work.
  • 5
    What made things worse, he continued, was that the house dog never ..... part in any of the hunting.
  • 6
    All the house dog did was simply to feed himself on the results of the ..... that the hound dog undertook.
  • 7
    The house dog felt he had to ..... himself in the face of all this criticism.
  • 8
    The house dog asked him not to pick on him if he wanted to ..... someone.
  • 9
    The house dog told him to criticize their master who had taught him not how to work but how to ..... on the work of others.
  • 10
    The moral of this fable is: you mustn't ..... children for the mistakes of their parents.

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