The US Mint

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    When the ..... of the U.S. Constitution created a new government for their untried Republic, they realized the critical need for a respected monetary system.

  • 2

    Soon after the Constitution's ....., Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton personally prepared plans for a national Mint.

  • 3

    On April 2, 1792, Congress passed The ..... Act, which created the Mint and authorized construction of a Mint building in the nation's capitol, Philadelphia.

  • 4

    President George Washington appointed Philadelphian David Rittenhouse, a ..... American scientist, as the first Director of the Mint.

  • 5

    When the United States government began minting coins in 1792, the original facility in Philadelphia was ..... to produce enough currency for the small country.

  • 6

    Under Rittenhouse, the Mint produced its first ..... coins: 11,178 copper cents, which were delivered in March 1793.

  • 7

    The primary mission of the United States Mint is to produce an adequate volume of coins for the nation to ..... its trade and commerce.

  • 8

    In addition to producing coins, the United States Mint has other responsibilities, including maintaining physical ..... and protection of the Nation's $100 billion of U.S. gold and silver assets.

  • 9

    It also produces proof and uncirculated coins, ..... coins, and medals for sale to the general public.

  • 10

    In addition. the mint is responsible for receiving, redeeming, and processing ..... coins.

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