The Victorian Apprentice (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    From 'The Dictionary of Daily Wants', 1858-1859: 'Apprentice' signifies a person who is bound by ..... to serve a master for a certain term, and receives in return for his services instruction in his master's profession, art, or occupation.

  • 2

    Apprentices and masters are equally bound to perform their portion of the contract towards each other; and if the master neglect to teach the apprentice his business, is liable to be ..... before a magistrate to answer the complaint against them.

  • 3

    A master cannot legally ..... his apprentice to work an unreasonable length of time.

  • 4

    There is no specific duration marked out by law, but doubtless the habitual employment of an apprentice for more than twelve hours daily (exclusive of meal times) would be ..... unreasonable.

  • 5

    When an assignment is made of a trader's ....., the apprentice may form part of the assignment and he is bound to serve him to whom he is transferred in all respects the same as his original master.

  • 6

    In cases of ..... of partnership, the apprentice is bound to serve the remaining members of the firm, just as though the partnership remained intact.

  • 7

    When the master dies the apprenticeship is ..... end, for the contract is held to be a personal one between master and servant.

  • 8

    If there be any ..... for maintenance in the contract, the executor of the deceased master is bound to make provision for the same so far as the assets will allow.

  • 9

    A master may ..... reasonable corporal chastisement to his apprentice, but he cannot discharge him.

  • 10

    If an apprentice ..... another person's service, his master is entitled to his earnings, and he may bring an action against the persons who enticed him away.

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