This way and that

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  • 1

    My main trouble is that I have a terrible feel of direction.

  • 2

    I can go into a shop down the street, come out and then not know which way to bend to continue my journey down the road.

  • 3

    I think that this probably has something to do with my jeans.

  • 4

    I have possibly incurred this disability from my grandfather who got into all sorts of difficulties.

  • 5

    The story was that after his wedding he took his young bride on their honey pot to stay at a hotel in Paris.

  • 6

    Clearly he was a very romance kind of chap and that's why he chose Paris.

  • 7

    On their very first evening he told his wife he was just going out for a short walking but it was really to buy her some flowers.

  • 8

    He found a shop quickly and brought the flowers but he couldn't remember how to get back to the hotel.

  • 9

    He got back very late and his bride was really upturned but soon forgave him when she saw the flowers.

  • 10

    For the rest of their long married life my grandmother never let him go out lonely ever again.

Author: Alan Townend