Tort Law

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as ..... for a lawsuit.

  • 2

    These wrongs result in harm constituting the basis for a claim by the ..... party.

  • 3

    While some torts are also crimes punishable with imprisonment, the primary aim of tort law is to provide ..... for the damages incurred and deter others from committing the same harms.

  • 4

    The plaintiff may sue for ..... to prevent the continuation of the tortious conduct or for monetary damages.

  • 5

    There are numerous specific torts, including trespass, assault, battery, products liability, and intentional ..... of emotional distress.

  • 6

    Torts fall into three general categories: intentional torts (e.g., intentionally hitting a person); ..... torts (e.g. causing an accident by failing to obey traffic rules); and strict liability torts (e.g. liability for making and selling defective products).

  • 7

    Damages, in a legal sense, is the sum of money the law imposes for a ..... of some duty or violation of some right.

  • 8

    ..... damages, as the name suggests, are intended to redress the loss or injury.

  • 9

    ..... damages are awarded to punish a wrongdoer.

  • 10

    There are other modifying terms placed in front of the word 'damages', like 'liquidated damages' (contractually established damages) and '..... damages' (where the court awards an amount such as one dollar).

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