Trading Authorization

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... trading authorization gives a designated person the power to place orders in an account, request disbursements, and/or to make inquiries concerning the account, such as obtaining account balances.

  • 2

    A high ..... is high-priced and highly speculative stock that moves up sharply over a short period; a possible example is the stock of unproven high-technology companies.

  • 3

    Issuance of the securities is usually approved in the authorizing resolution, and sale is usually authorized in a separate document, the 'sale' or 'award' resolution; all such resolutions, read together, constitute the ..... resolution, which describes the nature of the obligation, the issuer's duties and the issuer's rights.

  • 4

    Managed option ..... mutual funds buy stocks and sell or 'write' options on them, pocketing the payments, or 'premium'; some funds are already yielding 9%-11%, which is awfully attractive in today's low-yield market.

  • 5

    Economists have for some time recognized that investment expenditures can result in increases in income much larger than the original investment expenditure: this effect has been named the investment ......

  • 6

    The nature of that rally is going to be extremely important, because if it's just a dead cat ....., then I would say we were in for real trouble.

  • 7

    The borrower - the person concerned for taking the real estate by paying a part of the total money on a contract basis - is often called the .....; s/he then pledges real property to the lender, which is usually put forward in the shape of a security against the debt for the rest of the value of the property.

  • 8

    Our ..... brokerage services are geared toward the long-term investor: whether it's for retirement, college planning, building wealth, preserving capital or a combination of requirements, we'll help you with a complete wealth management package, including trading, hedging, private equity, research ideas, and restricted stock.

  • 9

    Many investors react to bad news and sell their TSP stock funds after reading a headline or noticing a big drop in the prices of their TSP funds for the previous day, but ..... the market will often result in lowering your overall return as you sell your stock funds at lower prices based on an immediate emotional reaction.

  • 10

    The ..... to earnings ratio (P/E) is the most widely quoted number when investors attempt to put a value on a share; you will often see something like " trades at a forward P/E of 10, making it look fully valued," or "Epic! has a trailing P/E of 30, which makes it look cheap in comparison with other companies in the sector."

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